Day of Stoke

Stoke for Life Foundation is happy to share our “Day of Stoke” program with you. This is an “awareness and motivational program” that Stoke for Life uses to educate and motivate adults and children alike through presentations and inspirational speaking.

Sharing the stoke of inspiring experiences of overcoming obstacles to achieve everyday goals are the gears that drive the “Day of Stoke” program. Our main goals of this program are to motivate and inspire people to overcome obstacles and achieve goals. Whether your goals are corporate, educational, or athletic in nature Stoke for Life wants to help you achieve those goals.

Another one of our goals is to raise awareness for the continued need for acceptance, kindness, and understanding when dealing with the diversity of life. This program is created to empower participants through positive powerful life changing experiences.

This program can be tailored to the needs of the participants whether it is an hour long corporate presentation for a room of three hundred people or if it is a twenty minute inspirational speech for five kids in a second grade classroom. This program has the ability to connect on so many levels and has proven to have a positive impact on both youth and adults.

Contact us today to book your corporate, collegiate, high school, or elementary school event. Stoke for Life wants to share a Day of Stoke with you!




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