Charles Webb

Charles Webb

The founder of the Stoke for Life Foundation is Charles Webb a T 7-8 incomplete paraplegic, Charles is the first paraplegic to compete in an open water paddle race (2013 Battle of the Paddle), Charles is also the two time Western Surfing Association Adaptive Surfing Champion winning back to back titles in 2015 and 2016. He placed 2nd overall in the Surfing America 2016 U.S. National Adaptive Surfing Championship in his division.

Charles Webb is an experienced inspirational speaker on many levels, from motivational corporate presentations to inspirational speeches at the collegiate, high school, or elementary level, Charles has shared the stoke whenever possible. Charles has also written numerous published articles in various magazines telling the stories of everyday people that continue to overcome and achieve despite high level disabilities or ailments. Through adaptive competition, motivational speaking, and inspirational writing Charles has found avenues to bring awareness to the adaptive watersports movement.

Collin Renner

Collin and Charles have been friends for over 20 years. They met each other working for a software company in Carlsbad CA. Collin continues to support all of Charles exploits and has been actively involved with Charles and his dream since its inception.
Collin is a family man who enjoys camping at the beach with his family and helping others any way he can. Collin’s profession as a project manager and technical trainer has been extremely helpful with the startup of Stoke for and will continue to be an asset going forward as this organization builds. 

Water Specialist

Jai Dodds

Water Team Specialist 2016 US National Adaptive Surfing Championships