OCTOBER 21-22, 2017

Stoke for Life Foundation is structuring an elite world class adaptive surf competition that will be done annually and will attract the top disabled adaptive surfers from around the world. This open competition will be sanctioned under Surfing America and will be a qualifying event for the Surfing America U.S. National Adaptive Surfing Championships. This means it will draw the best adaptive surfers from all over the world. Stoke for Life would like this competition to focus more on the ability of the surfer through elite competition rather than focus on the disability. First and foremost this is an ADAPTIVE surf competition, and how each disabled athlete has adapted to his/her surfing will not be altered in this competition. We envision this contest to be like any other professional contest with cash and or prizes for the athletes that finish on the podium. Stoke for Life Foundation cannot do this alone it will take the help of sponsors, vendors, and volunteers alike to put on a world class event. Here is our vision for the inaugural year.